Make Me Go Fast may be a fresh name in the modified car scene, but behind the scenes the foundation has been formed through a lifelong passion for cars and motorsport.


Gaining a following, ‘PJ’s Quick Bits’ was created essentially in 2006 as online blog and race team that would test automotive products and push them to the limit, with a wide exposure to different manufacturers and models of domestic and imported cars.


As it stands the MMGF Nissan S13 Silvia has had 12 different turbocharger combinations, multiple fuel system upgrades to suit various power levels, numerous driveline changes between synchro, dog engagement, sequential and even automatic transmissions before embarking on a custom one off all wheel drive conversion.


Combining sales and marketing experience with all things injected and boosted, ground level involvement in the administration side of running a performance workshop, manufacturing and of course a racing pedigree means that by purchasing through Make Me Go Fast, you are getting real world advice. We know what it means to have parts promptly, we know the importance of competitive pricing and we know what it takes to reach your goals at a track.


We aren’t just moving boxes, we have the track experience, product knowledge and hardware to Make YOU Go Fast, no matter how mild or wild your goals are!